My critique of Jolie’s JQuery cycle plug-in tutorial

Right off the bat I appreciated that Jolie laid out the objective, time frame, and skills needed to complete the tutorial. I went in knowing exactly what to expect. In today’s busy world, I think giving people the information they need up front to make a decision about whether or not something is right for them is a wise decision. It reflects an understanding and respect for the demands on people’s time. Also, for someone like me who is new to web design, it’s helpful to know what I’m getting myself into before getting started. I often find the tutorials end up being much more complicated and time consuming than I expect.

I found Jolie’s tutorial to be simple yet very effective. I liked that she didn’t overstate. She provided the necessary information and instruction to complete the tutorial effectively and nothing more. She stayed focused and concise. I liked that there were five distinct steps with screenshots. I thought the structure was really well thought out. You could stop after any of the steps and come back at a later time to finish. It was well organized and never felt overwhelming.

The option to watch a video or follow written instructions or both was a great idea too. Some people are visual learners; some people need everything written out. I personally followed the written instructions and then watched the video. Each could stand alone or serve to complement the other.

My only criticism is that you have to click on the player and go out to the Vimeo page where the video lives to watch it. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get the video to play. I’m sure this a minor technical issue that was overlooked and not intentional. Also, a little bit more personality in the video would have made it more lively. Perhaps even an extra tip could have been included in the video to add extra value.

In all, a great tutorial that I would highly recommend. Nice work, Jolie!

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