How to pick my favorite?

I’m working on my WordPress theme tonight. I need to create something unique for my final project, something that showcases me both personally and professionally. I’ve picked out six backgrounds that I like, but I’m having trouble deciding which one I like best. They all appeal to me for different reasons. They are all fairly similar, flowers, birds, colorful. Nothing new there. I love patterns on pretty much everything. My clothes, bedspread, pillows, carpets, book covers, etc. There are a few things I prefer in solid colors, socks being one of them (I hate patterned socks!). Back to the decision at hand…

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One thought on “How to pick my favorite?

  1. I don’t like patterned socks either. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you were in a meeting and your puppy sock was sticking out of the bottom of your pants!

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