Sarah Palin’s Alaska (gag)

Ok, first of all why does anyone want to see more of Sarah Palin? Rock climbing, fishing, looking at Russia from her house…come on. I want to forget she exists (I try to pretend she doesn’t). I have to say I’m a little disappointed that Discovery of all networks is airing this show as I love pretty much everything else they do. Wouldn’t this be more suited to Fox or maybe entertainment at a Glenn Beck event? Oh and Mike Rowe, I’m sorry your ads have to run alongside Sarah Palin. I don’t really care for Lee jeans, but they definitely deserve better than her and so do you.

If you dare:

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Rally to Restore Sanity

Looking forward to the rally tomorrow! We could all use a little dose of sanity!

check back for photos!

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This makes me miss Oregon and want to visit more often. I know this would make my mom very happy :) Will be dreaming of wine week…

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my blog’s layout and design

I chose to incorporate plugins that would allow visitors to view other social media I frequently update, including Twitter and Google Reader. The Simple Social plugin allows visitors to share my content on their own social media sites.

I wanted all content (new and old) to be readily accessible to visitors, so I included widgets in the main sidebar that display recent posts, recent comments and an archive of old posts. The calendar and search bar widgets provide two additional ways to view and find content. I included the clock, as I often find that I lose track of time while online. I also think it adds something extra to the sidebar because it has moving/changing elements.

All in all, I wanted to use my blog to pull together the social media I utilize, sort of a one-stop shop, without looking clunky or overly cute.

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chili to beat chilly

Chili is one of my favorites, especially when it’s cold out. Beef, turkey, chicken or vegetarian, I like them all. Just don’t forget the cheese and onions!

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really Christine O’Donnell?

Thank you Anderson Cooper, you read my mind:

“I’m sure most of us get confused about which amendment is which, I certainly do,” Cooper said. “But most of us aren’t running for senate, and most of us don’t claim to be constitutional experts…”

Anderson Cooper Schools Christine O’Donnell on Constitution

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How to pick my favorite?

I’m working on my WordPress theme tonight. I need to create something unique for my final project, something that showcases me both personally and professionally. I’ve picked out six backgrounds that I like, but I’m having trouble deciding which one I like best. They all appeal to me for different reasons. They are all fairly similar, flowers, birds, colorful. Nothing new there. I love patterns on pretty much everything. My clothes, bedspread, pillows, carpets, book covers, etc. There are a few things I prefer in solid colors, socks being one of them (I hate patterned socks!). Back to the decision at hand…

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photo test

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Testing testing 1, 2, 3

Post for testing purposes.

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Test post

This is my test post for class.

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